Looking for decorating inspiration? Here are five classic colour schemes guaranteed to brighten your home, be it the study, bedroom, living room or kitchen.
Five classic colour schemes

House Colour Combinations

Be inspired by these stunning colour combinations.

Forest green and moss green

Nature has done the hard work for you when it comes to creating this harmonious colour combination. You may not have considered matching these two green shades, but as you can see from this striking study space, they create a classic look that would work well in any room, from the study or living room to a grown-up bedroom.

Finish the look with black furniture and woodwork – this will create a dramatic contrast and help highlight the greens.

Blue and white

A classic colour combination, blue and white is an easy scheme to execute. Pair navy with fresh white for a bold yet elegant atmosphere or combine turquoise or aqua with light wood for an inviting family space.

Grey and yellow

A modern pairing that brings together a calm neutral with a warm hue, yellow and grey is guaranteed to brighten any space.

Choose a dark, pewter grey and a pale, wheat-coloured yellow for a stylish look or combine a soft grey with rich mustard yellow to create a feeling of warmth in the space.

Wine and neutrals

Warm and passionate, Wine is incredibly striking when teamed with understated warm neutrals. You might like to try adding just a few splashes of wine to a backdrop of stone, taupe and charcoal grey or make the hue the star of the show by painting a feature wall in this beautiful colour.

Combine with soft, tactile fabrics, such as velvet or silk for a really luxurious atmosphere.

Blue and yellow

Reflecting the sky and sun, blue and yellow are a wonderful natural combination. The colours contrast beautifully, as blue gives a real sense of space and freedom, while yellow adds comfort and warmth.

This colour pairing works particulary well in spaces where you want to increase the feeling of light and space, such as the bathroom.

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