Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Glo - Designed to Dazzle

The ultra-luxury Diamond Glo finish for your walls.

Diamond Glo - Luxury Emulsion

Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Glo is the only ultra premium interior emulsion that brings alive the smooth touch of Velvet and the dazzling glow of Diamonds on your walls. Uniquely formulated with Surface Slip Technology, Diamond Glo has the Best in Class Stain and Water Repellence- better than any other ordinary emulsion.

Earth Star Diamond

It’ll always be sunny inside your home with a solid block of Earth Star. The bold and brilliant ochre yellow warms up your interiors, balancing the cool silver-greys of walls, rugs, drapes & toss pillows and a hint of muted browns. Another way to make your summer-home dazzle with it is to make a punchy mix against rusty metal or natural wood fittings.

Orchid Diamond

This pastel shade is a softer take on the royal hue of purple. In a large space, this orchid glint can be quite enchanting. Paired with similar hue elsewhere in fabrics and upholstery, the pristine orchid diamond recreates luxury rolled up in a famously soothing effect.

Regent Diamond

Wherever you like to rest, dream or wonder, this blushing soft peach works wonders. Especially in a bedroom with ornate white bed, white quilt and blanket and silvery gold cushions that flaunt neat floral designs. Vintage art and fluttering fabric go well with it to complete that fantastic look!

Sancy Diamond

It’s perfect for a simple but stunning décor! The cool toned minty hue is great to enhance the sense of space. Glass windows and linear furniture in greys and beiges, against the Sancy in a minimalistic study, look soothing and cheerful.

A combination of Perfect Pink & Royal Heart

Beguiling burgundy with the neutral pink hue evokes elegance; romance in some cases but here, it is no less than captivating. In a spacious room, these shades complement beautifully with modernistic furniture, white and muted brown linen and a touch of ivory. It’s a bold way to highlight and utilize the structural lines to enhancing the décor.

A combination of Golden Jubilee & Young Red

Line up your living room with soft greys and enliven the look with walls alternating the bright peachy Young Red and the light comforting Golden Jubilee. Crystal-like touch ups, neutral shades and ornate floral upholstery with vintage chairs and a pop of brass give this warm and welcoming room a richer feel.

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