Coastal Charm10
Coastal Charm10

Experience the soothing yet lively coastal life

Take your home on a seaside journey

Coastal sea side beaches quickly bring to mind open skies, azure calming waters, palm trees and warm, happy sunshine. Beach inspired home architecture exudes a calm and relaxed ambience ,with expansive outdoor decks, large oversized windows and open balconies that let in the breeze and the bright sunlight. Get ready to go on a seaside journey with our palette replete with aqua blues and sunshine yellows.

Hues of fresh aqua blues complimented with pristine Nova white can transform your home into a charming coastal villa. The hint of electric blue not only beautifies the roof but also defines the skyline in a unique way.

The array of colours and the bright Sunrise roof offer a great contrast to the clear blue sky; perfect as a standout. Soft feather-light hues in tints of yellow, orange and blues lend a charming touch to your home.

Large expansive windows overlooking the cool waters offer a relaxing ambience. Compliment soothing Bonar blue with a hint of Arctic Night to get the perfect ‘Coastal Charm’ look for your home.

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