Like baking a cake, the key to a successful decorating outcome lies in careful planning and preparation.
Prepare to paint your walls

How to do our one-day decorating challenge

Follow our step-by-step guide to painting a problem room in super-quick time.

“I’m finally motivated to do the painting I’ve been putting off, but how do I decorate one room in one day”

We’ve already explored how to kick-start the decorating process following a stressful move, and now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and pick up a paint brush!

Like baking a cake, the key to a successful outcome lies in careful planning and preparation. But don’t lose sight of your goal: a beautifully painted room you’ll feel proud to show off to visiting family and friends.

Want to know how it’s done? Our step-by-step guide is easy to follow:

Before you start

1.Clear away clutter

Get rid of any remaining boxes and clear out old furniture that you don’t have space for. Move anything that’s left to the centre of the room and cover with a dustsheet.

2. Choose and buy your paint

If you haven’t already downloaded our Dulux Visualizer app, do so now and choose your colour and products from the Dulux paint palette.

The app can also help you find your nearest paint stockist.

3.Work out how much paint you’ll need

Once you have selected your paint, find your colour on the Dulux website and simply enter the dimensions of your room into our Dulux paint calculator. We’ll estimate how much paint you need to buy.

4. Get the right tools for the job

Check existing paint brushes, rollers and trays are thoroughly clean and, if not, add to your shopping list along with a roll of good-quality masking tape and your chosen Dulux paint.

Paint day

1.Clean and prepare the walls

Fill small cracks and holes with putty and allow to dry before gently sanding and wiping down with a damp cloth. Then carefully apply masking tape around the area to be painted.

2.Get painting

First, use a small brush to cut in and paint a one-inch border around the edges, then paint the rest of the wall using a roller.


Now sit back, and watch your paint dry with a well-earned cup of tea!

Top tip

If you only have time to apply one coat of paint, make sure your roller is well-coated but not completely saturated, and follow the dilution of the paint as recommended on the tin.

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