Shraddha Kapoor - VT Diamond Glo
Shraddha Kapoor - VT Diamond Glo

Let your walls dazzle like you!

Dulux Velvet Touch - Diamond Glo.

Says Shraddha, “I am extremely excited about my association with Velvet Touch Diamond Glo. I’ve always believed that everything around you should dazzle like Diamonds. Then why limit the luxury of wearing diamonds just to yourself? With this unique and innovative paint, you can adorn your walls with that same glint and let them dazzle like you. Diamond Glo has enlivened my home and greatly helped me in translating my own style on the walls. That’s why I think that everyone should try it.”

The next-gen diva significantly complements the brand’s essence of self-expression and style. With Diamond Glo, now it’s time for you to bring that Diamond like sheen on your walls, adding to your dazzling personality.

To get the dazzle on your walls. Call us at 1800 3000 4455

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