Shades of dazzle

Ten Shades of Dazzle with Diamond Glo

Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Glo brings you, the world's rarest and most sought-after brilliance, in 10 exquisite shades.

Royal heart

The largest fancy vivid purple diamond known to exist, the royal heart or the Royal Purple Heart Diamond is famous for its rare hue. Found in Russia, this unique stone has been expertly cut into a perfect heart shape to allow its striking colour to dazzle to the maximum effect. Not just with its cut and shape, but even in its lilac tone, it symbolizes royal indulgence and so derives its name. Let it shower your walls with a heart-warming royal romance.

Pink Star

Described as the rarest, finest, most precious stone the world has ever seen, the Pink Star is the largest pink diamond known till date. Hailing from Africa, it was unearthed in 1999 and polished and cut into its current form of an oval fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 59.60 carats, which is said to be the largest internally flawless diamond. Rated as “Fancy Vivid Pink” by the Gemological Institute of America, its every drop is ready to mesmerize you and your walls with a flawless pink finish, every day.

Regent diamond

Regent Diamond, 410-carat stone was one of the last large diamonds to be found in India. Originating from the Golkonda mine, it was discovered by a slave in 1698 who recognized its potential value and stole it. It then travelled the world until finding a safe harbor with the French royalty, even serving as an adornment in the hat of Marie Antoinette for some time, and is now on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It’s, indeed, the most dazzling specimen of surreal peach diamond in the world! How about enjoying such a fantasy world, inside your house, right on your walls?

Young Red

Discovered in South Africa in 1927, this epic stone is the third largest red diamond in the world. Named after a one-time owner, Sidney de Young, a Boston jeweler. Though the cause of its extremely rare deep red colour with a mysterious brown hue remains unknown till today, it continues to amuse the experts. But because of its rare colour combination, it was mistaken for a red garnet until one day De Young happened to examine it closely. He observed that for an old stone, it was remarkably clean and wasn't scratched up. It made him take it along to an expert lab where his suspicion was confirmed and it turned out to be a most rare red diamond! Come, enjoy the same mysterious opulence on your walls.

Canary Diamond

Beautiful, rare and precious yellow diamonds that have gained much fanfare owing to their pure colour from light to fancy yellow to more vivid tones, much like the world’s third largest diamond, The Incomparable. In fact the Canary diamonds have also often made grand appearances on the red carpet, adorning international celebs like Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman. Inspired from these pristine yellow-coloured diamonds from South Africa, here’s the perfect shade to add a touch of sunny luster to your walls.

Earth Star

It was unearthed in May 1967 in the Jagersfontein mine and its appearance caused a commotion both at the mine and also in the industry because amongst the numerous fine diamonds found at Jagersfontein, there had been few brown gems. It was found to have a greater degree of brilliance than is usually seen in a gem of such a strong colour and it was this rare combination of colour and brilliance only which led its then owners to name it as the Earth Star. Named after this exquisite pear-shaped diamond of South African decent, our earthen brilliance, in turn, is here to add magnificence to your walls just as would suit you.

Chloe Diamond

Its name has a unique story. Because it is named after the 12-year old daughter of the Guess Jeans co-owner, Georges Marciano. He had purchased the diamond at a magnificent jewels auction by Sotheby's, held in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 14, 2007, and decided to name the hitherto unnamed diamond after his 12-year old daughter. Apparently, this also happens to be the largest top-quality, brilliant-cut white diamond ever, to appear at an auction. So, after almost a whole century of its discovery in Africa, this rare diamond with a flawless gleam, colour and clarity, got its rare name. Lavish the same stunning rarity onto your walls!

Golden Jubilee Diamond

It is the largest cut and faceted diamond in the world, cut from a brown diamond from the Premier Mine in South Africa almost 3 decades ago. Initially known as the ‘Unnamed Brown’, this diamond which was also brought to Vatican for papal blessings, was named by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, and was given to him in honor of his 50th coronation anniversary. Gift your walls the same glint of world-renowned distinction.

Perfect Pink Diamond

Gem connoisseurs have long considered pink diamonds to be among the most beautiful of gemstones since they were first discovered in the ancient mines of India. But this diamond, is a phenomenon in the world of gems! With an impressive size, this fancy intense pink diamond is a paragon of perfection in terms of its color, clarity, and cut. While most pink diamonds exhibit a colour modifier like purple, orange or grey, this specimen shows absolutely no trace of a secondary colour, making it exceedingly rare, both commercially and naturally. Further emphasizing its rarity is its elegant and classic rectangular cut, a cut generally reserved for white diamonds. Slosh your splendid walls and life with perfection of the same kind.

Sancy Diamond

The Sancy Diamond has one of the most interesting, colourful, confused and involved histories amongst all the most famous diamonds – a 600 year odyssey beginning from the fabled mines of Golconda, India to Mughals to winding back and forth many parts of Europe. This rare green diamond is most remarkable owing to its cut with symmetrical facets and lack of a pavilion. And is believed to have acquired its name from Nicholas Harlai, the Seigneur de Sancy, who bought it at Constantinople and later sold to James I, the then successor to the British Crown. Now, have this historic charm grace the palatial walls of your dream home.

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