Walls in Vogue - Artistic

When art is all you see around, let your walls be a part of it.


You’ve been called an artist with a niche taste. If not that, a creative mind. You are the one who finds art in symmetry. If you are any of these, why not keep your walls on par with your personality? Find your heart in the majestic geometrical maze of the Fringe Pattern.


As a child, you loved drawing on the walls. It became the canvas where your imagination run wild. From flowers to horses, from mountains to birds, and from vivid designs to vibrant patterns. Your wall embraced it all. Now, it’s time you let your imagination be rekindled on your wall with the Bloom Pattern.


You are the one who navigates to newer frontiers, because you believe that there’s something inside them all. Something that keeps you making discoveries along the way, as you globetrot, and gather experiences in the form of beautiful memories. Here’s to the soul gliding across the world like a wanderer. Lose your heart to the rich shades of the Glide Pattern.

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