Walls in Vogue - Classy

The classy range of shades with Smoke, Persian Silk and Rare Pearl balance your taste to match your stark personality.


Built around your distinct desires, make your world unique just like you. Let it speak of your elegance, let it speak of your poise. Let your world be a space that is straight off the pages of your innermost desires. For which, you need to choose a pattern which keeps you a notch higher than the rest. The Smoke Pattern.

Persian Silk

You love to make a statement without saying much. Now, you can do it more often. Inspired by the smoothest fabrics of Persia, here’s an ultra-stylish finish that helps you fashion your walls as an extension of your lifestyle, and lets you embark on a journey called exclusivity. The finest Persian Silk Finish.

Rare Pearl

Today, you need an unparalleled collection of innovative patterns, handpicked for its exceptionality. You need a place where you can create your own world, your own way of life. Your rarity is defined by many things. Let your home be another. With the Rare Pearl Finish, make a rare impression through your walls.

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