Walls in Vogue - Retro

There's something about nobility that simple leaves everyone mesmerised and awestruck.


Pick up old photographs of your parents. Take a look at the colours, and the feel. The ruffled look. The vintage feel. With us, you can get the 80s back. Bring nostalgia back into your rooms with a floral look, and a mesmerising feel. Relive the 80s with the Vintage Pattern.


Some call it the season of poets or the season of love. While for others, it’s the season of fresh beginnings, as the flowers start blooming and the earth seems to come to life again. How about this season sticking to your homes throughout the year? Let nature be captured on your walls with the Spring Pattern.

Pop n' Swirl

If you’ve been an avid listener of The Beatles or Elvis Presley, this pattern is definitely for you. Let the classical music of the 70s start dominating your walls. Let that feeling be close to your ears, as you groove into the 70s with Pop N Swirl Pattern.

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