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Five social experiments in public

This video series shows the impact of paint & colour on the five human senses, and features international performers who create their pieces inspired by the colours of the wall. All performers are experts in a field connected to one human sense (Musicians for Hearing, Perfumers for Smell, a Chef for Taste, Painters for Vision, and Sculptor for Touch).

As the walls around the performers rotate and the colours change, we witness how their emotions get transformed - each new colour energizing them to create very different pieces inspired by the colours on the walls.

Episode: Hearing

Three initially skeptical musicians, perform inspired by the changing colors of the walls. Find out which color inspires sheer joy, memories of underground Jazz clubs and more.

Episode: Taste

The chef prepares meals inspired by our painted room. As the walls rotate, he prepares 5 different dishes influenced by 5 different colors, triggering long forgotten memories.

Episode: Touch

This Spanish sculptor, created pieces of art influenced by the colors of our painted room. See how her creativity and each of her five sculptures are inspired by her surroundings.

Episode: Smell

We wanted to test the influence of paint & colors on our sense of smell, and this episode follows two perfumers as they develop scents inspired by our five colors.

Episode: Vision

Here we explore how colors & paint can affect human vision. It stars an American painter who created 5 amazing works of art inspired by the five colors of the walls.

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This series features five social experiments and demonstrates the power of paint to transform our everyday lives in sometimes surprising ways.

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