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Surprising Paint Stories

Five social experiments in public

This video series features five social experiments in public spaces and tells the surprising story about the impact of paint and colour on our everyday lives.

From the Ruined Stairs experiment which shows how colours can brighten up your day, through the Escalator and the Athletic Track experiments which demonstrate how paint can isnpire us to lead a more active lifestyle, all the way to the Double Stairs and Elevator experimetns that tell the surprising stories of colours transforming human behaviour and even changing our perception.

Double Stairs experiment

"Double Stairs" is a fun social experiment that tells a surprising story how paint can change our behavior in everyday situations.

Escalator experiment

This amusing social experiment demonstrates how a coat of paint can improve our everyday behavior, and encourage people to use the stairs instead of the escalator.

Ruined Stairs experiment

A social experiment that shows the power of paint to not only transform a run down stairway, but also to generate a range of positive emotions: smiles, hugs, kisses, memories…

Elevator experiment

This entertaining social experiment illustrates how colorfully painted walls can transform our perception and make identical things appear quite different.

Athletic Track experiment

The fun social experiment tells the story of paint inspiring more active living, and encouraging people to lead a healthier & more fun lifestyle.

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5 Senses Series

This video series features international performers (experts in their field), and aims to show the impact and 'Transformational Power of Paint' on the five human senses.

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