Dulux Promise Exterior Primer

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Key information
  • Finish Matt
  • Coverage 9.2-12 sqm/L
  • Drying Time 6 hours
  • Coats 1
Product Features
  • Better Coverage
  • Anti-Chalking
  • Fast Drying
  • Anti-Peel

Product Description

Dulux Promise Exterior Primer is a good quality, water-based primer for external surfaces. Its unique Anti-Peel formulation ensures superior adhesion for the paint film, thereby resisting peeling or flaking of the topcoat.

Application Description

Step 1 : Surface Preparation

For areas that are severely affected by algae or fungus, application of Pre-Treatment coat is recommended. Avoid application of putty or filling compound while painting an exterior surface.

Step 2 : Application process

For best performance it is recommended to apply 1 coat of Dulux Promise Exterior Primer after thinning with water in the ratio of 1:1 by volume. On horizontal surfaces, self-priming of the topcoat material is suggested with additional coats of the same. For surfaces that remain powdery, friable or chalky even after thorough preparation, application of top coat material as primer with 1:1 dilution in water is recommended.

Step 3 : Drying time
Dulux Promise Exterior Primer is normally surface dried in 20-30 minutes and recoatable after 4-6hours.

Health & Safety

Collect spillage. Keep away from food drinks and animal feed. Store in a cool and shaded place. Container must be in a secure, upright position and be tightly closed. Refer Safety Data Sheet for more details.

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Ensure surface is thoroughly clean, dry and free from all loose dirt, chalk, grease, fungi, algae and flaking paint. This can be achieved by brushing with a wire/stiff coir brush, followed by water jetting if required.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.
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