Unique Bedroom Paint Ideas to Calm Your Nerves

Unique Bedroom Paint Ideas to Calm Your Nerves

Want to doll up your bedroom in any colour other than whites, beiges, light blues, and pinks because you have seen a lot of them as your bedroom colors and want to disrupt the monotony? So here are some bedroom paint ideas that can pull off the look of your bedroom without being outlandish or bold.

1. Pear Green

You would want to wake up in a good mood every morning, right? For that pear green can be one of the best bedroom paint ideas for you as even though being playful, this yellowish-green shade can create an elegant look. If you want to tone down it, add more elegant shades like grays and pinks and have some dark colours in patterns or shapes to add dimensions to the room.

2. Amber Yellow

Amber Yellow is a gorgeous hue that will look stunning in the kitchens and bedrooms. Though it is surprising to note that you will find very limited use of this shade but being a warm and positive colour, it can correct and uplift your mood any time a day and this quality makes it one of the perfect bedroom paint ideas. It will look amazing on your accent wall if you are planning to use a lot of indoor plants, natural wood textures, linen, woven cushions, and jute. Other than green, purples, navy, and teal blues, slate greys, browns, and dull pinks complement it well. 

3. Violet

Violet has versatile characters as it can be playful, stylish, and luxurious at the same time. It’s one of the bedroom colors that allows you to get experimental with forms and designs to turn things around in the bedroom or other spaces. The most comfortable colours you will notice with violet are blue, pink, and yellow. 

4. Indigo

The calm and relaxing qualities of blue make it the perfect among many bedroom colors. But can its warmer tones bring that perfection to your bedroom? Incorporating indigo can be one of the best bedroom color ideas for you. It is rich and comforting, which creates a perfect backdrop for earthy and rustic furniture and décor pieces, including jute and rattan. 

5. Charcoal Gray

Gray seems to be the favourite colour of all the designers as it pairs well with many accents and colours so if you don’t want to have more than 2 colours in combination, it’s absolutely fine as gray can manage. All over gray is also not a boring choice anymore. Since it has a soothing personality and allows other colours to have their impact and space. Orange, turquoise, yellow, teal, coral, and Fuschia pink look stunning with all the tones of gray so you can choose what you like the most.

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