Cool Green Can Make Your Home Summer Ready

Use Colour Visualizers and Smart Paints for Home

Choose the best pick of summer and let the nature shine on your walls. Having a dwelling close to nature is everyone’s dream and this feels more required when summer approaches. In scorching hot temperatures, our eyes and mind just want a calm and cool place painted in cool colour inside home. And what can be better than picking and pouring the soothing apple green and its various shades on the entire enclosure. It’s the craft of the colour green that can make you witness tuning with the nature and feel its aura around you be it in high intensity day light or a murk and deep night after sunset. A home should be like where you just don’t want to stay but to treasure things and energy around you. So, let’s take a look at what apple green and mint green can unleash with every stroke.  


Mint Green to Add Spark in Sad and Boring Walls 

Monochrome looks classy and have been in vogue since decades. Use mint green all over if you want to make sad side walls of your bedroom smile and look vibrant. Or use it in the combination with apple green to let it radiate in the tone of nature because it has the tendency to give calm and soothing effect. The more and more green you are going to apply be it mint green or apple green or both in synchronization on opposite walls, or side by side walls, the more pleasant you are going to feel inside. To stay closer to nature even in compact spaces, you can make small adjustments in the interiors of the home like use beautiful indoor plants of these shades and hang them in stylish pots. 


Personify Your Living Area with Mint Green Colour

As a family, often we all gather in our living area to have fun time with family. Blending colours with ideas create harmony in the environment and there is no point not focusing on the most happening space. Take the idea from each one from the family, give a space to their idea on every wall using the different tones of mint green colour and leave few white spaces to grace the beauty of green. This will make everyone connected and welcoming. To give it more natural feel, put some bonsai plants on the middle of the table or on corner tables. It’s the colour and placement of decorative objects that will make your living area look lustrous and big in size.


Hues of Green on Doors and Windows 

To synch with the walls of the home, use the hues of green on windows as well as doors. Use the matching curtains and let the outside lush green site peep into your home in envy. Let the rhythm of green to dance on the glaze of serenity of wind during hot summers as well.  


Green for All Corners of the Home

All over green is going to awestruck you with its feel and effect. You don’t have to find corners when you are coming from blazing hot places or may be in bad mood due to bad day at office or huge traffic jam on way to home. Come home and sit and rest anywhere you feel like to lie on. Painting the complete abode in green in combination and contrast of its various shades is going to give not only cool effect but creative and swanky too.  After all its green effect in every corner of the home.  

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