Dispense the Glamour of Colours

Dispense the Glamour of Colours on Each Corner of the Home


Puzzled how to make your home a vibrant and colourful space? You don’t have to do much for it. Just choose the right colour palette which can create lots of wow effects on the interior and exterior walls and ceiling. It needs no mathematics to make it such a space where any of you can take a selfie anytime and post it on social media without worrying about how your pic’s background is going to look like. In fact, people will not only like your pics, but will also scan the entire background in envy. What all you need to be worried about is adjusting yourself in the frame and clicking the photo at the right angles in coolest poses. Majorly, it’s interior of the house which speaks volumes. So here you need to be little attentive and smart as it needs strong visualization skills at least. Otherwise, the entire idea may turn into disaster which is going to break your heart.

As home is your personal space, so you know better than anyone else what you want to make it look like. If you want to have interior house paint of your choice you can go for that. Go with your gut feeling. Use the same method that you use to buy clothes for you. Visualize interior design colours on walls and then pick which you think suit well. But if you are confused or don’t have any idea which interior house paint you should use and how to make best use of the interior design colours, better would be going with the recommendation of professionals and choosing the trendiest interior house paint. As they can suggest better which colour will go best with which object and interior. Because it’s not possible to change the colour of your house interior every now and then.

So, let’s move on and start with the entry way followed by living space, and bedrooms. If you are little nervous, don’t worry, the entire colour wheel is yours and you can choose the colours of your choice in order to compare them before making a final decision. As it will give you better idea about colour and their different tones to balance the entire interior space. Once you pick all the colours of your choice for different spaces, divide entire space into components. Professionals suggest that you should choose at least three colours for walls and ceiling, and two to three different colours for sofa/chair/table/cushions so that each colour can complement the other. If you want to keep it subtle and classy only three colours for the entire space would be enough, but you have to use them in a definite ratio.

If your entry door directly opens in living room, you don’t have to think much. But if there is a long walkway, choose a warm and welcoming colour for the entry way coupling with the feel of living room. Choose a dark or high intensity colour for the walls of the living room, paint one wall with texture paint colour of the same shade in lighter hues, spare white/off-white for ceiling, and choose a contrasting colour in lighter tone for other kind of interior. The entire ratio should follow 60-30-10 rule because it never fails. 60% for the most dominant colour, 30% for secondary, and 10% for the accessories and décor pieces.

For bedroom, if it is a small space, leave it white to make it look more specious. But if it’s too spacious and you want to colour it, choose from purple, grey, accent or pastel to give it romantic touch. And also, don’t forget to pick right kind of bedding, curtains & drapes, nightstands, and of course the right light for making it the best place to rest. Don’t compromise on anything, neither colour of paint, nor quality, and nor combinations and contrast. Always select from the most impressive ones to live your idea as your interior space replicates your personality.

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