How to Choose the Best White Paint Colour

How to Choose the Best White Paint Colour for Your Home

If you look at home painting 101’s holy grail, then the buck stops at finding the right shade of white. As intricate as choosing the right shade of red lipstick, choosing the right shade of white for your home involves convoluted thought. There are multiple factors that are to be considered and many answers to be sought before you start choosing the shade of white for your living space. 

Here, we will talk about the various details to seek while choosing the right shade of white. Let us see what the different facets are and how can you come down to your perfect shade! 


Learn the Nuances of White:


The first thing to know is that white is not one spectrum shade. There are many different tones, hues, and characters of white. Understanding this is the first step to choosing which shade works for you. 

Believe it or not, white comes with bluish, reddish, yellowish, and even green undertones. Now that’s a lot of different shades, right? The best way is to see the swatches of the different shades as opposed to a white background so that you can see the variations. Our shades Winter Hills, Terrace White, Violet Veil, Tender Aria, and Snowfield are all white but distinctly different shades. 


Assess the Room’s Nuances:


The next thing to see is that white provides an excellent canvas to build your room on. Before choosing the white to go for your space, you need to see the different elements in your room. If they are on the warmer side, you can go for whites with warmer undertones. Shades such as New Divine White, Almond Wisp, and Subtle Africa are on the lines of the same. One the other hand, if the room has elements on the cooler undertones, then you can choose shades such as Barcelona Rain, Subtle Switzerland, and Snowfield. 


Pay Attention to the Lighting:


Colour and light go hand in hand, whatever the tone of the natural and artificial light is in the room, impacts the visual appearance of the colour on the walls. Therefore, the lighting in the room cannot be missed before we choose the right shade of white. If there is more natural light, you can go for pristine shades such as White on White. But in case that is not an option, and there is more artificial lighting then, you can go for pigmented options such as Baker White, and Violet Veil. 

We hope that this listicle has made you understand the different nuances of choosing the right shade of white. Our secret tip is to choose different shades together. You could go for a modernistic pure white like White on White, or a white that isn’t really your typical white, like Fencepost. A seemingly easier way is to go for a warm or a cooler tone of white depending on your preference. The whites we have are there to suit the needs of one and all. Our expansive spectrum of whites can fit in whatever vision that you have imagined for yourself and your living space. 

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