Trending Paints for Living Room to Make it Look Attractive

Trending Paints for Living Room to Make it Look Attractive


The colour spectrum has a wide range of colours and shades and tones. When there are plenty of options, it becomes difficult to choose from versatile neutrals to bright and dark tones. If you are planning to do up living room colours but stuck among such a wide variety, don’t worry. We have picked some awesome paints for living room you can go with.

1. Light Lime Green

Lime green is one of the demanding colours that can pair well with many dark as well as light living room paint colours. You can incorporate this colour in your paints for living room. It looks subtle and soft if you match and mix it with different traditional or modern patterns. If we talk about other living room colours that pair well with lime green, they would be white, grey, yellow on walls as well as linings. 

2. Lilac

If you want to have soft and refreshing living room colours that seem attractive too, go for misty lilac colour. Pour it on walls and have the same colour’s furnishing and linings in dark to light tones. It will make your room look eclectic and imbibe a soothing and continuous flow of energy. To add definition to the space you can pick sculptural furniture items. 

3. Lemon Yellow

Don’t doubt on yellow if it is going to look attractive and modern or not? Yellow is not only one of the cheerful, charming, and timeless living room colours but also refreshing, airy, peaceful, modern, and beautiful too. It works best with white or grays and greens. 

4. Pistachio

Scared of using bold and offbeat paints for living room? If you want to paint a bold shade in the living room, to offset and restraint its gloomy and deep effect, colours like olive pair well. Because with dark colours, it radiates cosiness, warmth, and balances the minimalistic feel of the house. 

5. Olive

If you want to restyle your living room in more of a traditional tone that doesn’t overpower the visual appeal of the space, olive green may be the right colour choice for you. Because this classic colour can add a captivating visual interest to any space.

6. Deep Brown

Including deep brown to your living room space is going to set off an eclectic aura to a space where there is a lot of dusky and dark tonnes are preferred with woods in terracotta and a generous amount of natural and artificial green in the corners and windows. 

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