Smart Paints and Virtual Colour Visualizers

Home painting can be a smooth and absolutely delightful experience.

In the modern era, painting your home goes beyond merely applying colours to walls. At Dulux, we’ve embraced technology and environmental responsibility to offer solutions that not only beautify your spaces but also contribute to healthier living environments and sustainability.


How we are fulfilling our Environmental Responsibility

In every can of Dulux paint, you’ll find a commitment to environmental stewardship. Our approach to home painting is rooted deeply in sustainability, producing smart paints that have low environmental impact from production to application. These paints offer superior coverage, ensuring you need less paint to cover more area, making your home painting process efficient and economical.

Our paints are formulated to have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), reducing air pollution and making indoor air healthier to breathe. So, whether you're painting a nursery or refreshing your living room, you can breathe easily knowing the air is clean and safe.


Redefining the Painting Experience with Technological Changes

Deciding on a colour can be tricky. You might like a shade at the store, but bringing it home, it might not be exactly what you had in mind. This is where our virtual Colour Visualizer comes in handy.

Dulux Colour Visualizer lets you see the paint on your walls without opening a can. This tool allows you to upload a picture of your room and virtually paint the walls, helping you visualize different colours in your actual space. You can experiment with as many colours as you want until you find the one that feels just right!

Dulux Colour Visualizer

This way, when you finally decide to get down to the actual painting, you’re confident and excited about your choice, ensuring a joyful and satisfying painting experience.


Seamless Painting Experience with High-Tech Home Painting

The combination of Smart Paints and Colour Visualizers simplifies the entire process of home painting. Start by exploring colours virtually, visualize them on your walls, and once you settle on a shade that steals your heart, pick the corresponding smart paint. The future of painting is here, and it’s exciting, engaging, and eco-friendly.


Benefits of High-Tech Home Painting

Choosing Dulux's smart paints and Colour Visualizer for your home painting project comes with an array of benefits:

  • Health-Conscious Painting: With low VOC and toxin-free formulations, our smart paints ensure a healthy indoor environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: We’ve invested in creating products that minimize environmental harm, from responsibly sourced ingredients to recyclable packaging. Our initiatives aim at reducing waste, conserving energy, and decreasing emissions during the manufacturing process.
Eco-Friendly Paint
  • Cost-Efficient: With an emphasis on quality, our paints offer excellent coverage, meaning you need less paint to achieve the desired effect. This makes Dulux paints cost-effective, as they reduce the need for frequent repaints and touch-ups.
  • User Friendly: Dulux’s Colour Visualizer offer a user-friendly, interactive colour selection journey. With an easy-to-navigate interface, exploring different colours and shades becomes a delightful experience rather than a chore. Whether you're looking for a soothing blue for the bedroom or a vibrant yellow for the kitchen, the visualizer makes the process of selection engaging and fun.
  • Time-Saving: Time is invaluable, and with Colour Visualizer, you save plenty of it. No more second-guessing colour choices and living with regret. These virtual tools allow you to see and finalize your decision before the brush hits the wall. This means less time deliberating over shades and more time enjoying the painting process and, eventually, the final result.
  • Accessible: Accessible from the comfort of your home, Dulux’s Colour Visualizer is an online tool designed for ease of use. Simple to navigate and operate, this visualizer allows you to play with different colours, trying and testing each one on your walls virtually until you find the shade that perfectly matches your vision.


With Dulux, painting is a smooth, enjoyable, and absolutely delightful experience. Dulux paints and Colour Visualizer ensure this. Our technologies are designed to make your painting project smooth, enjoyable, and satisfying, providing you with a beautiful finish that lasts. Engage with our interactive tools and explore our wide range of smart paints today for a home painting experience like never before.

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