Interesting Exterior Paint Colour Ideas

Interesting Exterior Paint Colour Ideas

A home should not only look but be a happy space inside out and outside in. It’s the exterior paint of the building which gives an idea about the choices and personalities of the people living inside. Home architecture talks more about the time and geographical conditions when it was built, but exterior shows how gracefully the change has been embraced. Exterior home painting is a costly affair so most of us think to paint it with such a colour which is timeless, durable, and classy. Here are some interesting exterior home painting ideas you may fall in love with.


1. Gray and Black

The combination of these two helps in turning simple look into classy. These colours go well with small and traditional houses. And if you want to expose any particular point in the outlook, choose a bold colour that you feel may go well with this combination.


2. Green, White, and Clay 

This is the best trade-off between traditional and modern style of paint as each of them blends well with the natural landscape. 


3. Carbon and White 

Use carbon and white to modify the vibe of the overall house with a little twist by adding any accent colour at the focus seeking areas. However, you may not feel to add a bold touch to it as these two are enough to make it alluring.


4. Olive Green and White 

It will look more of a transitional home settled in the lap of nature with calm and serene effect. 


5. Aqua and Grey 

Pair grey roof with the aqua sliding to make it look more like a tropical heaven as these two inviting colours of palette can blend well with the surrounding.


6. Cream, Peach, and Reddish Brown 

These paint choices are going to give your exterior a feel of soothing yet warm effect. Paint sliding of home with peach, door with brown and rest of the space with brown and cream trims. It will look wow!


7. Pebble Grey and Chocolate 

Isn’t it the gorgeous combination with light accents and dark sliding? This palette shades look calm and beautiful if you want to create a serene abode in lush green background.


8. White and Brown 

Keep it simple with these two basic colours in contrast which are enough to create a cool and subtle look. This combination is ideal for the places where there remains high or very temperatures. To add a little calm effect to it, use completely different colour for outdoor furnishing and décor. 


9. Navy, Grey, and White

Choose navy blue to let it imitate the sophistication of blue in contrast with white trims. It will not only make your home look big but very elegant too.


10. Cloud Grey and Sky Blue

Give a twist to your traditional colonial home with cloud grey complementing sky blue and beautiful landscape.


11. Dark Grey with Light Grey

Make your home inviting with the warmth of the earthy colours and tease the lush green pleasing background from far.


12. Pearl White with Shiny Grey 

Appraise the architect of the house with soft and clean white pairing with shinning grey on radiating rooflines, sidings, and other trims.


13. Black and White Trim

Don’t get afraid to hear using black as exterior colour. Black is glamorous and bold. Make black shine upon your textured house in the brightest light ever with trims of white.


14. Under Tones of Green with White 

Let your love for nature radiate radically. Pick undertones of lush green from the colour palette with cream or white to make your house the child of the nature.


15. Blue, Grey, and White

This is a not to miss combination for home exterior. White sets off nicely with Grey and blue and these two are two of the best colours of the colour palette. It can make your home stand out with charming brims painted in white redefining rooflines, window shingles, and mouldings running across doors and windows. 

Choose any of these best ideas to bring your home exterior to life and let the bright light shine upon it.

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