Nature Inspired Living
Tropical Retreat

Complete your living close to nature experience

Be in harmony with nature

If you are inclined towards nature and aspire for a living close to nature experience, this palette is the perfect choice for you. It’s a palette inspired by the greens and earthy tones of nature such as wood, moss and palm trees.

With refreshing shades like Barely green and Precious Jasper, transform your home into a tropical haven. Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and live in harmony with nature.

As a retreat from the urban life, it is important that you find invigoration through an eclectic mix of warm shades like Muffin and Crescent Moon to merge with the expansive greens. Adorn the roofs with Terracota to complete your living-close-to-nature experience.

This home takes pride in indigenous heritage and culture. It’s woodwork is rich with local craftsmanship and it’s architecture is unique. Terracotta roofs and soft antique bisque complete it’s earthy and warm look, making it the perfect ‘Tropical Retreat’ home

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