Weathershield Colour Theme
Weathershield Colour Theme

Presenting Dulux Weathershield Dream Home colour story

Making your dream come true

The home is a reflection of who we are as a person, our personal taste, our unique individuality and our success stories. We are constantly striving to make our home a dream come true.

At Dulux, we are making that dream home possible. Be inspired by four exclusive colour palettes that are inspired by architectural designs as well as lifestyles that echo your personality.

Whether you are inspired by colonial designs or dynamic modern buildings; the Coastal life or a house surrounded by nature, choose from CLASSIC ELEGANCE, TROPICAL RETREAT, COASTAL CHARM, MODERN & CONTEMPORARY. We have the right palette just for you.

Is sophistication in simplicity your style?

Is sophistication in simplicity your style? Then you might want to draw inspiration from our classic palette much in demand for decades. Even as new hues come and go, their fanfare keeps getting stronger. This range of pastel and light tones of beige and creamy colours, makes for a timeless choice owing to its rich past. For a rustic twist, add a touch of contrast to the soft yet rich neutrals with a decorative stone finish from our Weathershield Signature range.

Complete your living close to nature experience

If nature is your favourite designer, let Mother Earth be the source of inspiration to your tropical haven. From the swaying trees to the details of foliage on a moisten tree bark, take a step closer to nature as you reconnect with nature through colours.

The medley displays an array of colours that blend well with wood, rocks and the surrounding landscape. Muted greens and olive breathe out freshness to the hues of pebbles and sand. Dark browns with a slight tinge of warmth make your entrance even more warm and welcoming. As a retreat from the urban jungle, it is important that you find invigoration through the plethora of colours here.

Experience the soothing yet lively coastal life

Inspired by the tranquility of the Aegean Sea and the amazing lifestyle and geography, the palette is a representation of stillness, serenity and balance. Large window overlooking the blue waters and and the frothy waves that hits the rugged rocks that endured the test of time give a soothing feeling to this colour palette.

Desire to be experimental yet minimalistic?

Outlasting the course of civilization, the evolution of architecture has brought forth numerous design ideas, trends and styles that are sources of inspiration to the modern world. Expressing bold aesthetics and style, this palette brings you to a world of infinite possibilities where rich vibrant colours give life to washed greys and cool neutrals. When you opt for sleek contemporary combinations, being experimental with colours is a great way to create the ‘wow’ factor and to make a unique statement at your doorstep.

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