Dulux Aquatech Roof Waterproof

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Key information
  • Finish Mid Sheen
  • Coverage 8-10 sqft/L
  • Drying Time 5-6 hours/coat
  • Coats 3
Product Features
  • Crack bridging up to 2mm
  • Suitable for waterproofing of sunken areas
  • Upto 10 deg C Temperature Reduction with Sun Reflect
  • 8 years Waterproofing Performance'

Product Description

Aquatech Roof Waterproof is a best in class product which provides protection on roofs and terraces for up to 8 years. Its unique Hydroresist technology forms an impenetrable, tough film of up to 600-800 microns over porous roof surfaces. The film is highly flexible which bridges cracks of up to 2mm preventing water seepage, carbonation and fungal attacks. The coating has got best in class adhesion and thus can be used on multiple surfaces like brickbat coba, plaster, china chips and mosaic tiles. In order to keep the surface cool during summers the coating also provides Sun Reflect of up to 10 degree Celsius.

Application Description

Step 1 : Surface Preparation
Clean the surface and ensure free from all loose dirt, chalk, grease, oily substances, fungi, algae and flaking paint. Wash the surface with Dulux Aquatech Pre-Treatment coat and fill the cracks with Dulux Aquatech Crackfiller (in case of cracks larger than 20mm repair the roof with suitable repair mortar prepared with Dulux Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer) and ensure slope is maintained.
Step 2 : Application process
Apply a self-priming coat of Dulux Aquatech Roof Waterproof over dry surface with up to 30% dilution . Apply the first coat of undiluted Aquatech Roof using brush or roller on roof and parapet surface. Allow the surface to dry for 5-6 hours. Apply the second coat of Dulux Aquatech Roof Waterproof at 90 degree angle to the first coat application. During application ensure that the forced coverage of 8-10sqft per liter is maintained to reach at the desired dry film thickness.
Step 3 : Drying time
Allow 5-6 hours for complete drying.

Health & Safety

Treatments such as sanding, burning off etc. of paint films may generate hazardous dust and/or fumes. Wet sanding should be used whenever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children. Refer Safety Data Sheet for more details.
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Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Freshly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely (12 weeks for new masonry surfaces).
  • 2. Cleaning
    Clean painting equipment immediately after use and dry