Dulux Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer

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Key information
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Product Features
  • High adhesive strength
  • High water resistance
  • Improves hardness & abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength

Product Description

Dulux Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer (WRP) is a ready to use multipurpose latex-based bonding additive for use in mortars, bond coats, and waterproofing primers. It is used for repairing damaged concrete, columns, beams, and chajjas. It is also used for waterproofing of toilets, balconies, and sunken areas.

Application Description

Surface Preparation:
• For repairs, clean the surface with wire brush to remove hidden loose particles, sand, dust. Degrease the surface using suitable solvents.
• Remove the concrete portion by saw cutting, the extreme edges of the repair location at least to depth of 10mm to provide a strong bond.
• Clean the concrete surface to remove any contamination where breaking is not possible. Roughen the surface by light scrabbling.
• For priming of the concrete substrate, saturate the surface with potable water. Remove excess water prior to application.

For repair mortar
• Prepare the repair mortar with the following ratio - 50 kg Portland cement : 150 kg washed sand: 6-7.5 kg of Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer : 10 lit water

As a waterproofing coat
• Mix Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer with the cement in the ratio 1: 1.5 by weight.
• Mix for 2-3 mins to avoid air entrapment, add cement to Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer till a good consistency is achieved.
• Brush apply 2 coats on the concrete in a span of 4-6 hours. This can be used in areas like below the tiling areas in bathroom or sunken areas, small balconies, chajjas and parapet walls.
• Overlay with protective screed for the desired slope and thickness.

As a Bond Coat
• Mix Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer with Cement in the ratio of 1:1 by weight.
• Add cement into the additive and then stir slowly till homogeneity is achieved.
• Apply 1 coat to the prepared concrete substrate.
• Overlay with repair mortar when the bond coat is still wet/tacky.

As a Concrete repair and Floor screeds
• Use the below mentioned ratio for preparing repair mortars for concrete beams, columns, chajjas,
parapet walls
• Portland cement: 50 kg, Washed sand: 75 kg, 6mm Aggregates: 75 kg, Aquatech Waterproof Repair
Polymer - 6-7.5 kg, Water 10 lit

As a putty additive
• For 1 kg putty add 100 grms of Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer. Add water to achieve the desired consistency.

Curing and Maturation
• The standard maturation practices for concrete columns, beams, chajjas and parapet walls needs to be maintained even while using the additive.
• For waterproofing of low areas like below the bathroom tiles, or sunken areas, it is essential to provide 1-2 days of setting time for a proper solution.

General Instruction
• Use a mechanized mixer to ensure homogenous mixing of Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer with the remaining components. Hand mixing is permitted only for 25 kg or less.
• Add Aquatech Waterproof Repair Polymer to the batching/gauging water as per the dosage. Complete the addition of remaining water till desired consistency is achieved. Do not add water above the required quantity.

Health & Safety

Treatments such as sanding, burning off etc. of paint films may generate hazardous dust and/or fumes. Wet sanding should be used whenever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children. Refer Safety Data Sheet for more details.

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    For repairs, clean the surface with wire brush to remove hidden loose particles, sand, and dust.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Clean painting equipment immediately after use and dry
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