Dulux Aquatech Waterblock 2K

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Key information
  • Finish Matt
  • Coverage 0.92 sqm/Kg
  • Drying Time 4 hours
  • Coats 2
Product Features
  • Breathable coating
  • Excellent anti-alkali property
  • Multisurface adhesion
  • Superior anti-carbonation property

Product Description

Aquatech Waterblock 2k is a specialist 2 component product that provides waterproofing protection for interiors and walls adjacent to bathrooms and kitchens. Its unique Hydro breathe technology prevents swelling, blistering and chalking of paint. The breathable coating prevents the top paint layer from peeling off. The coating is suitable to be applied on the interior surface of swimming pools before applying tiling or topcoat as well as in the water tanks.

Application Description

Step 1 : Preparing Surface for application For the interior surface existing POP or putty must be removed till the plaster surface is exposed. Oil or Grease must be removed with degreasing solvents; otherwise it will hamper the performance of the product. Any cracks need to be filled with appropriate Aquatech Crack filler. Before application of the product, the surface must be pre wetted and saturated to a surface dry condition. Step 2 : Application process For Interior wall application, use a masonry brush or appropriate powder spray equipment to apply two coats of mixed slurry of Aquatech Waterblock 2K to the set concrete/Plaster. Apply the second coat after the first coat is completely dry (4-6 hours). Allow the second coat to dry for 3-4 days, post which the normal painting procedure for the wall can be followed. Step 3 : Drying time Touch Dry for the basecoat is up to an hour and allow up to 4 hours for complete drying.

Health & Safety

Treatments such as sanding, burning off etc. of paint films may generate hazardous dust and/or fumes. Wet sanding should be used whenever possible. Work in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children
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Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    For the interior surfaces, existing POP or putty must be removed till the plastic surface is exposed, the surface must not be loose, it should be free from dirt, dust, chalk, loose particles.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Clean painting equipment immediately after use and dry