colourful and vibrant home paint ideas

This Navratri invite the vibrancy of colours into your home.

Celebrated over nine nights, 'Navratri' translates to 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, with 'nav' meaning nine and 'ratri' meaning night. Each night of Navratri is dedicated to honouring the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, a symbol of power and purity. It’s a time for reflection, devotion, and celebration of the divine feminine that resides within every individual. During these days, the air is thick with spirituality and the unmistakable scent of festivities, as people across different communities join hands to honour the goddess’s blessings and protection.

It's a spectacular festival of dance, devotion, and most prominently, vibrant colours. This Navratri, how about inviting that vibrancy of colours into your home? Allow us to guide you through home paint ideas infused with decor suggestions, each representing a form of the Goddess.

1. Goddess Shailputri - RED & GOLD 

Beginning with Shailputri, the daughter of the mountains, her embodiment is pure strength and determination. The fusion of fierce red and radiant gold captures this essence beautifully. 

Decor Idea: Think of a bold red wall in your living room, adorned with golden accents or frames. To balance this intensity, imagine a gold-hued sofa peppered with deep red cushions. This vibrant colour combination makes your room look nothing short of royal, echoing the power of Shailputri.

red and gold colour combination

2. Goddess Brahmacharini - PEACH & SILVER 

As a beacon of calm and asceticism, Brahmacharini's persona is best mirrored in serene peach coupled with the modern touch of silver. 

Decor Idea: Consider a meditation room where silver decorative pieces, like vases or idols, stand out against soft peach walls. For a bedroom, peach drapes with silver tie-backs can evoke a tranquil feel, perfect for relaxation.

3. Goddess Chandraghanta - GREEN & YELLOW 

Representing prosperity and vigilance, Chandraghanta’s green and yellow combination brings in cheer and abundance. 

Decor Idea: Visualize your kitchen adorned by the morning sun, casting a glow on green indoor plants crowned with yellow flowers. In a dining space, a table adorned with green and yellow runners or placemats can make every meal feel festive.

red and gold colour combination

4. Goddess Kushmanda - ORANGE & BROWN 

The warmth of Kushmanda, the creator of the universe, is brilliantly captured in a comforting blend of orange and earthy brown. 

Decor Idea: An inviting reading corner with walls painted in a soft orange, complemented by dark brown wooden shelves. Or an open patio space where orange lanterns hang above, casting a warm hue on the brown furniture below.

5. Goddess Skandamata - BLUE & WHITE 

Embodying purity and a vastness reminiscent of the sky and sea, Skandamata's essence is beautifully expressed in blue and white. 

Decor Idea: Picture a bedroom, its walls painted in deep blue, contrasted by a pristine white ceiling. Blue bedspreads coupled with fluffy white pillows can make the room a serene oasis.

blue and white colour ideas

6. Goddess Katyayani - PINK & GREY 

Pink, representing love, and grey, symbolizing neutrality, mirror Katyayani's fierce yet loving nature. 

Decor Idea: Consider a home office with grey walls. Now, introduce pink in the form of wall hangings, stationery, or even a cosy rug, creating a space that feels contemporary yet tender.

7. Goddess Kaalratri - BLACK & DEEP PURPLE 

Signifying power and courage, the intense combo of black and deep purple paints the aura of Kaalratri. 

Decor Idea: In a lounge, imagine deep purple cushions resting on a sleek black couch. Or, in an entertainment room, black walls featuring artwork in varying shades of purple can lend a dramatic, powerful air.

8. Goddess Mahagauri - TURQUOISE & GOLD

Representing purity and wisdom, the luxury of turquoise coupled with timeless gold reflects Mahagauri's splendour. 

Decor Idea: In a guest room, walls painted in refreshing turquoise can be complemented by golden lamps or chandeliers. Turquoise upholstered chairs with golden legs in a drawing room can feel both modern and regal.

9. Goddess Siddhidatri - LILAC & SILVER 

Siddhidatri, the provider of knowledge, finds her echo in the spiritual lilac and luminous silver. 

Decor Idea: Picture a quiet relaxation spot, a corner with a chaise lounge draped in lilac, with silver accents like candle holders or photo frames adding to the serenity.

lilac and silver colour scheme

Through these home paint ideas and vibrant colour combinations, you can translate the sentiment of Navratri into your spaces, making every corner resonate with the festive spirit. When you decide to repaint and redecorate, ensure you go for trusted brands and artisans. Let this Navratri be a celebration inside out. Happy Navratri!

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