Quick Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Quick Ideas to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Living room is the heart of the house. Its where the family comes together to cuddle, have fun, and make merry. Livening up the living room occasionally, is essential and recommended. Not only does it give the room a fresh vibe, it also adds the necessary zest and zing to the space. There are various ways in which you can spruce up your living room. Here is a list of all the colours and painting ideas that you can implement to give your living room a makeover. We have presented you a mix of subtle, stylish, and statement ways in which you can get started right away and give a facelift to your living room.


Play with Whites:

We are sure that you find nothing as an overstatement about this. But a coat of brilliant White on White paint can be transformative to the interiors of your living room. Not only does it give you a complete minimalist feel to the space, it also breathes in freshness and a sense of untouched novelty that is hard to compare to any other shade on the spectrum of colours. White on white is a selfless colour that can accentuate other elements of the living room. 


Play with Warmer Shades:

Earthy tones have a statement of their own. Shades such as Mushroom Cap, Historic Tan and Llama White are amiable and blend in beautifully with the contemporary aesthetic. They give the natural light in the room a warm creamy glow that add to the coziness quotient of your living room. Whether you go for light or dark hues, warmer shades will always add a timeless touch to your space. 


The Right Shade of Grey:

The bestselling options after white is always grey. Marianna’S Aria, Silver Quill, Grey Tabby and Daring Switzerland are some of the shades that can fall in this line. Finding the right shade of a red lipstick and the right shade of grey for your room is almost the same. You have to go with one that chooses your design tone and aesthetic. This starts by choosing the undertone of grey that you want to choose. It varies from whether you want a warm undertone of grey or a cool undertone of grey.


Bring the Intimacy of Blues:

Blue is one of the most modernistic approach to sprucing up your living room. Shades such as Ships at Sea, Patch of Blue, Noble Blue, and Signature Blue are beautiful. Nothing pops like blue, which has the power to be deep, bright, and has the more character than most of its tonal counterparts. Its intensity is what helps brings out the character in your living room spaces. 

We hope that this list helps you ideate better on how you want to give your living room a facelift to make it more welcoming, warm, and stylish. There is nothing that beats the freshness of a newly renovated room. These design aesthetic and colour charts can help you zero down on the next big makeover project that you plan for your living space. 

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