waterproof paint during monsoon

Enjoy the mosoon without worry.

As the monsoon season brings refreshing rain and lush greenery to India, it also ushers in the need to safeguard our homes from heavy rains. One effective solution that homeowners can rely on to combat damage from water is waterproof painting.

Understanding Waterproof Paint

Think of waterproof paint as a shield against water. It stops moisture from entering surfaces, thereby shielding walls, ceilings, and other surfaces from the undesirable effects of moisture.

How Does Waterproof Painting Work?

It's fascinating how waterproof painting works. The waterproof paint has special additives and components that make surfaces highly resistant to water. These additives form a seamless bond that prevents water molecules from penetrating and causing damage. This chemical composition creates a protective barrier that withstands even the heaviest rain during monsoon season.

Why Waterproof Paint is Essential during Monsoons?

Protection Against Water Damage 

Monsoon rains are like a test of how strong your home's foundation is. Waterproof wall paint acts as a defender, preventing water from seeping into the core of walls. This results in safeguarding your home against cracks, peeling, and structural problems.

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Protection Against Mould and Mildew

With high humidity levels being a hallmark of the monsoons, mould and mildew become unwelcome visitors. Waterproof paint can help prevent moisture absorption, making it a useful barrier against these growths.

Longevity of Surfaces

Ordinary paints are prone to fading and peeling when exposed to moisture. In contrast, waterproof wall paint, engineered to withstand dampness, assures lasting vibrancy of surfaces.

Low Maintenance

Waterproof paints are resistant to dirt and grime. So, surfaces painted with these do not need frequent touch-ups.

Interior Comfort

Waterproof painting regulates indoor humidity levels by preventing moisture from seeping in during rainy days, ensuring a pleasant environment free from musty odours.

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What to Consider When Choosing Waterproof Paint?


1. Paint that Fights Water

Find paint that says 'no' to water. This kind of paint resists water, keeping your home safe in the long run.


2. Keeping Cracks Away

Rain can make surfaces expand and contract, leading to cracks. Look for paint that's good at fighting cracks, so your walls stay strong.


3. Letting Surfaces Breathe

While protection is important, surfaces need to breathe too. Get paint that lets moisture escape, stopping problems like peeling and bubbling.


4. Sun-Proof Paint

Even in the monsoon, the sun is around. Pick paint that can handle the sun's rays, so it doesn't fade or change colour.


5. Paint That Lasts

Choose paint that can handle the monsoon's challenges. You want it to stay strong and keep protecting your home.


6. Easy to Use

Go for paint that's easy to put on. It should work well with the surface you're painting. Easy paint means less time and effort.


7. Trustworthy Paint Brands

Look for good brands that make quality paint. If the paint comes with a promise (warranty), it means the company trusts its paint.


Exploring Dulux Weathershield Range

Dulux's Weathershield range of paints is perfect for a long-lasting and durable finish. Here are some great options for you:


a. Dulux Weathershield: The Exterior Shield

Dulux Weathershield Protects your home 2X longer than other regular exterior paints. It gives your home safety against water damage, colour fading, alkali damage, dirt, dust, and algae & fungus growth, all thanks to its innovative Dualshield™ Technology.

This means a cleaner, brighter, and fresher home that withstands any weather. With 7 years of protection assurance, this waterproof wall paint ensures your home remains stunning and resilient.


b. Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx: Ultimate Protection

Meet Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx, the best of the best. It is our ultra-premium waterproof paint that fights cracks, water and extreme weather with Triple Defense Technology.

The magic lies in its elastomeric nature, boasting a thick and stretchable paint film that effortlessly covers cracks 10 times wider than regular paints. Repelling water and facing the weather's fury head-on, it promises to safeguard your home's beauty for 12 years! 


c. Dulux Weathershield Flash: All-in-One

This paint does two things at once – primer and paint in a single application. This means less time spent and quicker results. Its remarkable adhesion ensures it sticks well to walls, forming a resilient shield. Come rain or shine, this paint keeps your home protected, all while maintaining its aesthetic charm. So, get the Dulux Weathershield's superior all-weather protection in a flash!


The Right Choice for Monsoon

Getting the right waterproof paint is like putting armour on your home. It keeps your home safe and good-looking. Think about water resistance, crack protection, and ease of application. Our Dulux Weathershield range has diverse options to choose from. Pick what suits your home and enjoy the monsoon without worry. 

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